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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keeping Cool

The sprinkler broke yesterday.

Ordinarily this wouldn't be news. Things break all the time. But this came out of the box broken. The Dora the Explorer sprinkler the girls picked out to play with was unwrapped and wouldn't work.

My two girls were already in their bathing suits. They were hot. And if I fed them one more popsicle they'd have collapsed in a sugar coma. (in hindsight a tempting thought...)

Improve time! We watered plants. And the girls. Because they need to be watered to grow tall, don't you know.

Then we filled the 5 gallon home depot bucket and used it as a make shift pool. Tempe was expecially hysterical with it.

Sorry for the sideways photos...for some reason they won't rotate. They aren't that way on the computer!!!

Anyway, they had fun. They kept cool. We ate watermelon. My plants are no longer wilting. Pretty successful, wouldn't you say? The girls are requesting a repeat performance. =) Maybe tomororrow...