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Friday, July 6, 2012


I spent several hours today mentally composing a brilliant blog post for today and now that I have the time to sit and write it the exhaustion from today's activities has sunk in and I am way too tired to even remember what brilliance I was going to share with you.

Long run on sentence. See, I'm tired.

Cleaned for 4 hours straight today. Then came home to a messy dirty house. That's depressing. At least other people get to enjoy cleanliness. Maybe tomorrow my home will join their ranks. But probably not...

Tomorrow my hubby and I are going on a date!!! It's been several weeks since our last date. So excited. It's very needed.

Now I shall enjoy a (large) serving of dump cake and watch an episode of "Lie to Me." Because someday I may need the skill of lying undetectably.

Dump Cake. If you were here, I'd share. Since you're not, I'll have yours...