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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BJs, Barf and Blabbermouths...

On Wednesdays I usually try to avoid shopping. The stores are filled with people taking advantage of senior citizen discounts. This is one thing I can't wait to get old for...saving money just because I'm old. =)  Today the trip out was unavoidable. We were out of milk. Heaven forbid my husband and youngest child be deprived of their cow product. BJs has the best price so we took a family trip to the mega store.

Have I mentioned that my husband has pneumonia? He's one of the worst patients ever. He hates being sick. He hates being sick in bed even more. Thus a trip out. Fresh air makes him (slightly) happier.

My kids love BJs because they have shopping carts with cars attached and samples. Unfortunately with my dairy intolerance I am unable to partake of the samples...they smell really good, but the kids enjoy them. Today there was a cheese sample booth. Tempe was thrilled. Cheese! Her favourite! As she scarfed down her tooth picked triangle of processed cow product I turned the ridiculously large shopping cart towards the milk aisle. Then, it happened. My almost 3 year old barfed all over the floor. Apparently, she doesn't appreciate provolone. Huge mess, worse smell. Disaster.

Tempe was quite pleased with herself. She told everyone in the store what she did. And her sister made sure to tell everyone how naughty that was.

I may not be allowed back in BJs.

Question for you: How do you teach your kids to keep silent about personal information???

Isobel and Tempe go up to everyone they see wherever we are and tell the strangers their names, address, parents name, etc. And then let the strangers know that they aren't allowed to talk to strangers. I love that my kids are brave enough to talk to people. Later in life that skill will be very useful. However, right now they refuse to learn the art of silence. And about keeping personal information personal. The Walmart cashier knows almost more about my life than I do. This disturbs me.

So how do you teach your children about strangers and not blabbing info that will get me robbed? At this point, short of duct tape, I don't know what will help them learn. HELP!!!!!