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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A day of rest

Happy 5th of July, my friends.

I'd have said happy fourth, but I was busy baking yesterday.

I made cream scones, and used my favourite cookbook (Traditional Scottish Recipes by Eleanor Cowan) to make Scottish Shortbread (I cheated and dipped an end in dark chocolate). Yum. You need this cookbook if you like cooking and enjoy ethnic food. You can buy this cookbook here. Not only do you get to read interesting facts about Scotland, but you also get to enjoy the intricacies of metric conversions. And you can make Rumbledethumps. Come on, admit you are dying to try something that sounds that awesome (even better, they taste amazing and are EASY to make).


The girls did sparklers this year. Tempe had the time of her life. Isobel was mortally afraid of the sparks. If it hadn't been so pitiful it would have been funny. Oh, who am I kidding. I totally laughed about it after she went to bed. It is nice to see my mostly fearless child actually afraid of something.

Bel shrinking back from her sparkler. Right after this was taken, she dropped it and ran away shrieking

Tempe with her "FIREWORKS!!" Happy girl

Naturally the girls went to bed late. Tempe fell asleep right away, but Bel watched the fireworks from her window for a while. I know this because I check on them. I really wish I'd had the camera on me. Picture this: Tempe sleeps in a trundle bed under the window. Tempe was completely out, dead to the world asleep and her sister was on her knees straddling Tempe's head watching the fireworks out the window. Hysterical. And weird. Bel got back in her own bed and claims to have dreamed of beautiful fireworks all night long...

They are both napping today. I might join them.

What did y'all do for the 4th?