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Thursday, July 12, 2012


"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all..."

That's nice Thumper...that's nice. Always hated the movie Bambi.

My phone is my worst enemy at the moment. Or, actually its the person who calls, but the phone sends me the call. I dread the phone ringing. That ever happen to you?

I can't say who calls (*coughmotherinlawcough*) or what about mostly because I won't be able to say even one nice thing. And you don't need that. Or to know my every thought and feeling about certain people. =) Suffice it to say, my husband is extremely hurt and angry at his mother and has every reason in the world to feel so. As his wife I am hurt for him, but also feel completely useless. What can I do? Nothing. Butting in would make things worse for everyone. Sitting in the sidelines of a fight while your most loved person in the world is in the ring is hard.


To celebrate my younger brother's orientation for his new job (!) I am making this recipe. from the blog "Return to Sunday Supper." We love shrimp. We love spicy food. And we really love warm crusty bread to mop up yummy sauces... Since I've never made this recipe before I cannot say for certain that it's amazing and you should try it. But it does smell amazing... 

I am also making homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert. If the recipe turns out well I'll have to share. Since everything must be completely dairy free for my dietary restrictions ice cream is hard to come by. Before being diagnosed with dairy intolerance, ice cream was my favourite summer treat (and winter treat...if you eat cold foods your body will be cold to match the outdoors and you won't get sick). Now I only get ice cream if I'm willing to shell out $5.99 for one pint of So Delicious brand coconut milk ice cream. It's tasty, but every bite is swallowed with the pain of spending that much money. Then, while shopping at BJs I saw a carton of whole milk lactaid and ice cream was forefront in my brain. So we'll see!

Dinner time. I shall try to bring back good reports.


Dinner was amazingly incredible. I mopped up every last drop of the spicy rich sauce and mourned when my tummy was too full to eat more. I predict a battle over who gets the leftovers. This is definitely a make over and over again dish!!! Best shrimp I'm ever had...