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Friday, July 20, 2012

Cookbook progress

Did you know I am writing a cookbook?

It is a collection of recipes--main course to dessert--that are dairy free, gluten free, and/or just lactose free. This week I've spent time in the kitchen perfecting some recipes, brainstorming over recipe ideas and writing. It's been really fun! Before presenting the cookbook to publishers I need 100 original recipes. So far I have just under 20. But I'm working on it!

So far my absolute favourite main dish is a dairy free Buffalo Chicken Pizza. So many flavours come together into a delicious taste explosion. It's completely divine. Best part is that eating it I don't even miss eating cheese!!! I want one...

My very good friend has graciously agreed to help me with this huge project. She is a gluten free foodie chemist. We've enjoyed cooking together since 2002... More likely than not at least one recipe in the finished book will have an unofficial Star Trek theme. =) Because we have way too much fun not to do something crazy like that...

Today I am researching cookbook writing software and publishers. Not that I am anywhere ready to begin the publishing process, but being informed is good.

My goal is to have the 100 recipes created, perfected and written by the New Year. My hope is that if all goes well my cookbook will be at the publishers. We'll see.

Am I completely crazy for being paranoid about posting my original recipes here? I want to share and get feedback, but I'm crazy worried that whatever I do share will be stolen and used elsewhere so I can't publish it later. But I also worry that I have spiders living in my mattress. Which I don't. But you never know. See? Paranoid.

Like Paranoid Parrot. Have you seen those?  Google it. Laugh hysterically. Picture me. =)

I googled this. I don't own it. Although this fits me perfectly.