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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Pinterest is both the greatest invention ever and the worst torture imaginable.

Especially for someone who suffers food allergies.

I find great allergy friendly recipes, household hints, crafts, kid friendly activities, and pictures of gorgeous overpriced fashion. But then there will always be links to things like this:

Or this:
Or this:

Do you see my problem? After an afternoon on Pinterest, I started craving all sorts of cheesy things. But it was good for something. I learned how to best clean a stainless steel sink and then did it. Then the boys filled the sink with dirty dishes and no one can tell it was ever clean. Oh well. If you are a Pinterest addict like myself, look me up! You can find me here.

Also inspired by Pinterest, and the 6 pounds of apples sitting in my kitchen, I made homemade chunky applesauce. It was my own recipe, not one I found online, but the photos of Fall cuisine inspired me. The smell of fresh applesauce inspired a craving for waffles. Which I didn't get as I'm out of gluten free flour. My fault, I know.

Just wanted to say before I sign off that obviously, I did not take those gorgeous photos, however, if you go to my Pinterest Food! page you will find both the links and the recipes for them! Someone should enjoy them since I can't.

If you do make one, do me a favour? Tell me how good it was? (Or bad) "And remember this is for posterity, so be honest..." I have to live a dairy and gluten filled life through you now.

Bonus points to those who know where the quote is from. Not hard, I know.