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Friday, October 12, 2012


It's Friday night! Anyone have fun plans? I have to live vicariously through you since I don't leave the house. EVER. Not true of course, but sometimes it feels like it!

The girls are sleeping (HOORAY! Miracle, you have no idea), the hubby is out with friends and I am hanging out at home. Alone.

It's nice! Yes, I have a million projects to do, but I am also going to relax, watch some Doctor Who, knit, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Today was loud and stressful so it's a great way to end!

Oh, yeah. And I need to clean. ASAP. I'll share a pic tomorrow (because I'm feeling lazy now) of just how bad my kitchen is right now. I didn't wash any dishes today, and now the sink (and beside it) are piled ridiculously high. There are no clean forks, spoons or knives in the drawer. I did dishes yesterday!!! What's the deal??? I'm convinced I have an evil imp who comes out when I'm not looking to dirty dishes.

Speaking of evil imps, we have a chipmunk living in our walls. He climbed in through the hole around the outdoor AC unit and is making himself quite at home. Every once and a while he makes his presence known by scurrying through the walls and making THIS sound. FREAKS ME OUT!!!

Just played that video, and the walls are now echoing me. EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!

Freakiest part of having a chipmunk? Took a bubble bath earlier in the week. My back is killing me this week and I thought the hot water would relax me. HA! Well, it did. Until, Mr. Chipmunk (Haven't named him yet, ideas? Alvin and Theodore were just too obvious) ran through the wall behind the bath tub, and then went under the bath tub. AND BUMPED UNDER MY BACKSIDE. I jumped a mile. Screamed. Threw my back out too. Now I'm paranoid about taking another bath. Sad, because I have a new book and a new bath salt to try out.

Anyone know the best way to rid a house of a chipmunk you can't get to?