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Monday, August 6, 2012

Kindergarten Girl and the Sad Mama

Bel on her way to kindergarten
Today was Bel's first day of kindergarten. She bounced up and down. She ran to school. She dragged me along behind her. She laughed when I cried saying goodbye. So did her principal and the director of operations at the school. "Buck up, Mom!" They told me.


Tempe and I kept busy. T was perfectly fine without her sister until naptime. After three stories she was fine again. My girl.

I spent more time moping today than I had intended. This is ok. Today was an emotionally charged day. Tomorrow will be better.

On an unrelated note, I am allergic to fire ants. This was discovered late last week while I mowed the lawn. Our back yard seems to be a favourite spot for fire ants. This is the 14th colony I've had the pleasure of killing since moving into this house. But before I killed it, I stepped in it. After five days, my leg is no longer swollen. Progress!!! It still hurts though.

Anyone else send their child for a first day of school recently? How'd you do?