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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Medical Woes

I haven't forgotten about blogging. Or you. Promise.

The past 6 weeks have been nuts, medically speaking. My pharmacy is in the doghouse. Three times, (yes, THREE) in the 6 weeks I mentioned, the pharmacy has switched my prescription on me. You know what this means to my body? Migraines. Nausea. Appetite Changes. Low Energy. Muscle Cramping. And General Blahness. The past two weeks have been the worst, thus no posts. Sorry.

I have missed you.

Happy updates:
Isobel is LOVING school and Tempe and I are slowly getting back into a routine.
I have sold 3 body scrubs in the last two weeks.
I have knit two whole scarves (and they are beautiful! Loved the yarns!)
I have fed my family more than just PB&J and eggs this week!!!

Not so happy updates:
My house is a dirty wreck. I don't think I've cleaned in days. I feel awful.
My daughter was given a haircut in school yesterday. By a boy. My husband suggests a crush. I smacked him. Three inches off one side of her head. Thankfully her hair is curly. And grows back quickly.

My Steampunk costume is coming along. I am going to look awesome. And have loads of fun. Richard Dean Anderson is going to Dragon*Con. My nerd heart gave a pitter-patter. I love McGyver.