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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hi there!

Remember me? The crazy knitting baker lady? Yep...I'm back. Sorta. Did you miss me? I missed you!

Since we've last chatted (which is what I pretend actually happens when I blog instead of me rambling on and on over cyberspace. It sounds better) many many things have happened. So this will either be a really long rambly post, or I'll be too overwhelmed and leave all of it out and go find myself a drink instead. It is after 5 in Ireland, don't you know.

So here is a list of the stuff that's gone on... Slightly less rambly and stressful for you, my reader. But I will probably stress looking at the list later. Oh well. I'll call it a cardio workout and be done with it.

1. Agreed to do two craft fairs within 1 week of each other. Yes, I am indeed crazy. And stressed. I even found a white hair this morning. EEEK! Actually, that's fine. I don't care about going white. But the fairs are nightmarish to plan for. Will be fun when it happens, but for now...someone bring me chocolate.

2. Discovered I have a gluten intolerance. This is painful. No more easy baking. No bread. =( But I can still eat potatoes and rice. I love potatoes and rice. And they are healthier!

3. Lost 4 lbs after cutting wheat from my diet. YAY!

4. Seriously potty training my almost 3 year old. I have mopped up more puddles these last couple weeks than I thought was humanely possible to produce. But we're getting there! Apparently if you reward with chocolate chips (my girl!) and Disney princess underwear potty training is easier and more exciting. At least this is what my daughter has communicated.

5. Discovered Doctor Who. I'd put off starting it because I knew I'd love it and obsess over it. And guess what? I was right! Currently on the 10th Doctor. =) It gives me something to knit to.

6. Celebrated my mother's 50th birthday. Shh...don't tell her I told you.

7. Went shopping for Fall clothing. I love Fall. Fall is awesome. I cannot wait for the weather to stay cool enough to wear my new clothes!!!

8. Suffering a relapse of heart related issues...cut back on caffeine. Except for today. Today I'm wired. And jumpy. Tempe whispered hi and I freaked out. I need help.

9. Had a migraine that lasted for 10 whole days! Isn't that exciting? :-/

That's enough for now. My fingers need to get back to knitting. =)