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Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's raining. Washing my back patio clean of chalk drawings, mud pies and pipe tobacco. The air feels cool and smells clean and wet.

I love rain. It makes the world feel new.

Went outside to take a few photos and had a lot of fun. Sorry, but you are about to be subjected to my nature photography. Take a deep breath, in and out, then pretend I can actually take an ok photo of trees.

The leaves are just starting to change colour.

I love leaves


Leaf floats in puddle

Tempe's latest accomplishment: drawing people (or monster in this case)--but will she draw them on paper? Yes, but Mommy's office floor is way more fun to colour on!

All done! See, was that so bad? You were lucky. I took at least 20 pics, but most were horribly blurry. Apparently I wiggle too much. And the world that knows me laughs.