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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mantra for the Day: It's OK!!!

I really didn't mean to rhyme that.

Today I've been reminding myself that "It's OK" no matter what is happening in life right now. Thought I'd share some with you. Some are serious, some are silly. But that is me. I have a hard time being serious for more than just a few minutes unless its really important.

It's OK that it is SO hot outside (currently 102+), because we have a working air conditioner. And popsicles. Lots of popsicles.

It's OK that the house is a mess and I have company coming for dinner. Last night I finished knitting two scarves and watched many episodes of White Collar. So I was productive and had fun too!

It's OK that I have dark circles under my eyes from too little sleep. Black is a good colour on me. I may even go goth.

It's OK that my hubby is sick with bronchitus. He'll live.

It's OK that I made cinnamon rolls twice this week. I still managed to lose 4lbs. Maybe I can start my own diet... The Caitie Khan Cinnamon Roll Diet....hmm...I'll work on it.

It's OK that Herbert the Mouse is still living under my bathroom sink. He is a quiet roommate. And he will soon die. As soon as I actually remember to buy and set traps...

It's OK that my kids are doing nothing today (and probably nothing else all weekend) but watch TV.

It's OK that I am suffering hair loss. So far it isn't so much that anyone (but me) would notice. Probably stress. But the doctors aren't quite sure. Hard to avoid stress when you're stressing about losing hair... I just get to enjoy a new haircut soon. I love haircuts.

It's OK that I spent $200 on groceries, etc today. Much of what I bought is for my freezer. But boy did handing that over feel painful...

It's All OK!!! I bought a Michael Buble CD today. =)

The kids watching TV. Isobel was not thrilled with my photo interuption. I liked the interuption. It meant that "Go, Diego GO!" was paused. Anyone else find that show really annoying?

This is my new apricot tree. She hates the heat. I might buy a giant beach umbrella for her. Doesn't she look pitifully wilty?