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Friday, June 22, 2012

Moved(ish) and crafting again

The chaos of moving has settled (slightly) and the boxes are out of sight (sorta) so I've gone back to baking and crafting (HOORAY!).

On my list of To Dos:
  1. Finish the 3 scarves I started in January.
  2. Update and revamp my Etsy shop. Also take it off vacation.
  3. Invent and bake a blackberry muffin recipe worthy of the gods...or at least family and friends.
  4. Find hot glue gun.
  5. Organize fabrics.
  6. Make 2 fascinators.
  7. List said fascinators.
  8. And last, but not least, start the quilts for my girls. Maybe I'll have one finished by Christmas.
All this of course takes place around the normal life of motherhood, wifedom and housekeeping. Another couple of arms would be handy. I'm making do with espresso. It's cheaper and less strange to drink espresso than surgically attaching extra extremities to my person. Who knew?

Anyway, all this means is that I'm back online with more ideas and time (HA!) than ever.