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Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Cookbook

It is here, ladies and gentlemen. For a few weeks now I've been the very proud author of this gluten and dairy free cookbook:

Isn't it pretty???

My dear friend Abby painted the cover art as a gift before she moved away. It now has two places of honor...hanging up in my home and gracing the front of my new favorite book. ;-)

The recipes inside this book are not run of the mill gluten and dairy free recipes. For one, there is an entire chapter dedicated to Ethnic cuisine. Chinese, Pakistani, Irish, Italian, Thai! Another is that every recipe was written with families in mind. No insanely complicated ingredients or directions. Most dishes are 8 servings so no need to double the recipe to feed your family of _. The best part? It is BOTH dairy and gluten free. EVERY RECIPE. ALL 101 of them! (It's actually all soy free too!)

Where can you find a copy of this glorious treasure you ask? Through me! Click on the link to my Etsy page and purchase For the Love of Food: 101 Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes there. The price is $30. In it you will find my recipe for pasta sauce, curried lentil hummus, grilled hot wings, lemon cake, chocolate pudding, shepherd's pie, buffalo chicken pizza, chicken-fried steak and so much more!!!

This book has been 18 months of my life. For the last 3-4 months I lived, breathed and bled this book to get it published. Now that it's done, I feel amazing. A life goal has been accomplished. I am a published cookbook author! My friend Elizabeth (you can find her blog here) was a HUGE contributor to this lengthy process by editing and testing recipes as I went along. Thanks friend!!!

Scratch off bucket list.

Now on to the next cookbook! I have already started on the recipes for the next book. Crazy much?