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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kingergarten Girl No More

Do I have to take a picture? I wanted to play!

Today was the last day of kindergarten. Graduation is tonight, and her teacher knowing that I wasn't planning on coming gave Bel a role in the ceremony so that I'd have to come. Drat!

Wahoo! I'm done! I'm a first grader!!!

Currently, I am making a chocolate cake for her after graduation celebration. It makes her feel special and gives me an excuse to leave before the reception. Yes, I'm anti-social.

I am both relieved and sad about school being over for the year. Not having to wash and keep track of uniforms for two whole months sounds awesome. Having a hyperactive social butterfly six year old around for two months with little to do...not so much... We'll come up with something!

Cake's about done. (Before you ask, it's a wacky cake. I used this recipe: . Only I used strong coffee instead of water.) (And it isn't gluten free. Not sure why I made it actually...)