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Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Girl

Favourite quote of the day: Tempe reading a flap book about striped animals, "If I had purple stripes, and was a bug, I'd be a [open flap] CATERPICKLE!"

Haha. I love my girl. She makes me laugh.

Her birthday was Halloween. She's now THREE! My baby is no longer a baby. So sad...

In belated honour of her birthday a few pictures of her! Hard to believe how much she's changed! I am thankful for the blessing she is in our lives. She is an easy-going kid (until you rub her wrong, then watch out!), who is fun and goofy and completely adorable.

7 months. At the beach for the first time. Loved eating sand.

16 ish months. Loved bouncing on everything (even her sister!).
18 months. Silly girl.
2 years, 6 months. Loved music, dancing, fish.

2 years, 10 months. Loves hats, dresses, and dancing to Train.
I can't find my camera at the moment or I'd share a more recent photo of her. But it isn't surprising I can't find it. Last week I tried opening my house with the car key remote, I lost my glasses then later found them on my face, lost my cellphone to find it in the fridge, and forgot to eat most days. Slowly we are recovering from Mommy's crazy spell.

Anyone else have weeks like that they care to share?